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Vocal Training und Performance

In the heart of Zurich, the Vocal Performance school was founded in 2002 and established as one of the leading singing schools of Switzerland, characterized by competence, experience and professionalism.


SKYVOICES Institute offers individual lessons, seminars and workshops in modern singing styles, voice training and speech technique, breathing technique and body awareness up to professional stage performance.


The lessons are aimed at beginners and advanced as well as trained singers and are adapted to individual needs.

The specialization of the institute consists, among other things, in the preparation of entrance examinations for music colleges, conservatories and musical schools as well as castings of all kinds. In all music colleges in Switzerland and in neighboring countries there are students who have been prepared and trained for their studies by Skyvoices institute and who have passed their exams (See Category Our Graduates).


Despite professionalism, the focus is on the joy of singing and making music!


We invite you to a personal trial lesson to discover the benefits of voice training in relation to singing and speech as well as increasing the performance and health of the vocal tract.





  • Dipl. Homöopathin

  • Dipl. Gesangspädagogin

  • Dipl. Atemkursleiterin


Studies/ Educations:

  • Gesangsstudium - Lehrdiplom Jazz

      HMT - Hochschule f. Musik u. Theater (heutige ZHdK)

  • Studium klassische Homöopathie

      SkHZ - Schule für klassische Homöopathie Zürich

  • Studium Schulmedizin

      Paracelsus Schulen Zürich

  • Atemkursleitung 

      Paracelsus Schulen Deutschland

  • Shiatsu Grundkurs 

      ZEN Shiatsu Schule Zürich




Seit 2019           Eigene Praxistätigkeit Homöopathie, Zürich

Seit 2002          Dozentin für Sologesang, Ensemble, Workshops

                         Schulleitung, Inhaberin  - SKYVOICES Institut, Zürich

Seit 2003          Dozentin für Sologesang Jazz und Pop

                         ZHdK (Zürcher Hochschule d. Künste) Zürich

Seit 2003          Prüfungsexpertin für Bachelor – u. Masterdiplome



2011-2012          Dozentin für Sologesang, Leitung Jazzchor/Ensemble

                         MKZ, Musikschule Konservatorium Zürich

2005-2011         Dozentin für Sologesang, Leitung Jazzchor/Ensemble

                        Konservatorium Zürich, Abt. Jazz/Pop

2003-2005       Dozentin für Sologesang, Leitung Jazzchor/Ensemble

                        Jazzschule Zürich

2002                Gründung Gesangsschule SKYVOICES Institut, Zürich

Skyvoices Marion Denzler

Marion Denzler

Business Owner

Managing Director

Artistic Director

Marion Denzler is one of the leading voice teachers and vocal coach of Switzerland. She’s having a long career as a singer, musician and songwriter and teaches her knowledge and experience with great passion to her students.


She studied Jazz at the Academy of Music and Theatre in Zurich (today ZHdK) and right after her graduation of Master degree she taught as a lecturer for singing in Jazz and Pop at the ZHdK (Zurich University of the Arts), where she works until this day. In addition to her longstanding teacher activities and cooperation with various institutions such as the Zurich Conservatory and „Jugendmusikschule“ of Zurich, she founded her own singing school Skyvoices Institut in 2002 which has become one of the leading vocal education school in Switzerland.


Marion Denzler acts as an expert for Master- and Bachelor exam and diplomas in various institutions in Switzerland.


Numerous concerts in Switzerland and abroad made her become a well known jazz singers. She produced her successful debut album "with every breath I take" with the participation of excellent jazz musicians.

Listen Samples in the category Music.


In oder to contribute even more to health and well-being, she decided to do a further education as a homeopath. After 5 years of professional studies, Marion Denzler now runs her own office and Practice for Classic Homeopathy in Zurich as a qualified homeopath ( . 


In order to expand the holistic connection between music, singing and health, Marion Denzler obtained a certification as an Instructor for Breathing and Relaxation Techniques.

"The connection between art and medicine is a wonderful task and gives the opportunity to also support the students with their individual challenges.". Marion Denzler

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